Our second E.P ‘Sill Breathing’ will be released on July 5th at the Waterfront Studio Norwich, please, please, please come down. You will be able to come to the show, watch four bands and by the E.P for under £10 so no excuses ;) xx

It pisses me off when bands can be together as little as a year and get amazing shows just handed to them and backing from major labels. My band work our butts off by putting everything into our music but we cant get on shows because we are not the right kind of band, or we aren’t in other words ‘cool’. People are so close minded when it comes to music when they are trying to protect their own rep who gives a fuck what people think its about the music. We are all in the same boat and its starting to fucking sink. Expect the new Standing Tall E.P to fucking pissed off at this.

Rise Records…..

This label takes the fucking piss. They used to just stick to metalcore bands with high pitched 12 year old girl singing, which is now starting to take its toll on me as every band that brings out a new album Rise want to make it sound the same. But now, they have gone and literately fucked me in the butt as they have now turned the bands I love into over produced crap. A big one being Make Do And Mend this band are sooo good and their new album isn’t all that because Rise stuck their fucking big money making noses in. It just sucks for MDAM yes they signed because they were skint and wanted a bit more popularity what band doesn’t? Its just a shame that this is what happens in return and what major labels do to bands. Fucks me off.